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New Installation Recently Completed


This new installation has been completed recently. It shows Chartwell Green on White doors and windows. The two front ground floor windows are bays.


We think you will agree that it has great impact!


Why Invest in a Conservatory


To have a conservatory or not to have a conservatory? That is the question!


For many people a conservatory is an ideal way of acquiring more living space without having to move house. In many instances planning permission is not needed and, provided your conservatory is well-built, they are almost guaranteed to add value to your property.

Conservatories provide a versatile space and can be used as a sun room, dining room, breakfast room, family den, study or even kitchen. One of the real advantages of conservatories over any other type of extension, is that they let in the light and warmth from the garden whilst at the same time providing shelter from the elements.


Conservatories have traditionally been built on the back of properties, leading out to the garden, although it is possible to have them on the side or even the front. Since they are designed to feel part of the garden they are almost exclusively built on ground floor level, although there is no real reason (apart from planning implications) why they cannot be built on an upper level, depending on the design of your house.

Different aspects bring with them different advantages and disadvantages, and careful consideration should be given to the direction of your proposed conservatory at the planning stage.

  • East-facing - This will get the sun in the morning so is ideal for a breakfast room. It will not overheat in the middle of the day or evening.

  • West-facing - This will get the sun from late afternoon onwards and provides good conditions for many plants.

  • North-facing - This will get angled sun at the start and end of the day and, although it will not overheat in the summer, it could be bitterly cold in the winter. Unless you are using the conservatory solely as a summer sun-room, give careful consideration to how you are going to heat it.

  • South-facing - This is excellent for catching the sun but will be unbearably hot in the summer with the sun overhead at the hottest time of the day. Give careful thought to ventilation and blinds.


If you waould like more information about comservatories and your home, please feel free to call us for a no-obligation discussion and advice.

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reinforced double glazed windows Reinforced Windows

Common Myths Exploded

Windows that are not fully reinforced are not up to the job.


Not true. With 70mm five chamber profiles the requirements for reinforcing are minimal and then only when the frame is over a certain length. People seem to think it will make the frames won't, it will just cost more money to produce.

The people most guilty of specifying fully reinforced frames are small builders who don't have sufficient knowledge to know that window frames are not intended to be load bearing. They sometimes specify it or tell their customers that this is what they will use and then go and load it up with...of all things a tiled roof or something equally unsuitable.

You can safely order your windows and doors from Gary Hall Building Ltd safe in the knowledge that they will have been made to the correct specification. 

Common Myths Exploded

I Still Get Condensation on my Window


That's not an unusual occurence, particularly if you don't heat the room or use a night vent facility. Condensation is caused by airborne moisture, minute particles of water suspended in the air, created by every day activity inside the home. Think of it as an invisible indoor fog that turns back to water on contact with a cold surface, such as window glass.

Double glazing is not a cure for condensation but it goes a long way to reducing the conditions that cause it. 


Common Myths Exploded

Do PVCu windows creak

when they get sun on them?


The immediate response is no. Whilst it is fairly common to hear plastic gutters creak when the sun is on them and they are expanding, there is no such problem with PVCu doors or windows. If they have been manufactured properly with reinforcing inserted where it is needed, then there should be no sound of expansion coming from your windows. 

Will My Windows Go Yellow? Window Myths Exploded

Common Myths Exploded

Will My Windows Go Yellow?

During our time in business, we've heard all sorts of negative comments about PVCu doors and windows. Probably the most common comment was "they go yellow" after a few years. Well there might have been an element of truth in that years ago but those problems have been well and truly sorted out now. In the past, yellowing of the white surround could be a problem with some cheaply manufactured products. It was easily remedied by a wipe over with a solvent cleaning agent. However, these days you just don't get problems of this nature.


In your travels, you may notice a front door panel that is quite a few shades different from the door frame. This can happen if the door panel shade has not been ordered to the correct colour shade of white. People don't realise there are several shades of white that are used by the different profile suppliers, ranging from a creamy white to an ice blue white.

replacement double glazing windows Choose replacement windows to suit your home


Choosing Double Glazing for your Home


Double glazing windows for your home will immediately improve your home's security, value and warmth. There are a wide range of double glazing windows to choose from, whether you want traditional looking windows to fit in with your house or whether you want ultra-modern designs for your new build home. Your individual style and thermal property requirements can be catered for. Tinted, decorative or thermal insulated glass is available for you to select from.


Each double glazed window should be manufactured to your exact measurements and stringent quality standards guarantee a perfect fit and individual style. You can replace all your windows with replacement double glazing without changing the frames or impairing the fabric of the building if you are renovating. If you are looking for new frames, however, these are available in different materials: plastic, wood, combined aluminium/wood and combined aluminium/plastic.


Casement windows come in a range of fixed pane and opening casement window panes. With double glazing units, noise is reduced and heat loss lowered by up to 50%. Latest security features include multi-point locking systems and locking handles. Create your own look and give your home the style you're looking for.


Tilt and turn double glazing windows feature dual opening. Either tilt the pane inwards for ventilation or open fully inwards for easy cleaning. Size matters and windows can be designed to fit any size you need. Let in the light and create an airy feeling in your home.


Sash windows give the benefit of traditional elegance with modern advantages of double glazing and security. Windows can be opened at both the top and the bottom and feature a tilt design to allow ease of access to the outside of the glass to clean from the inside - great for upstairs!


Horizontal sliding windows turn a sash window on its side so that the sash panes open by sliding to the left or right, instead of up and down. Some people find these easier to open. Since they open without protruding, these can be a great choice for windows opening onto patios or walkways.


So in summary, the benefits of double glazing windows for your home are increased security, improved sound insulation, greater energy efficiency to reduce your cost of heating your home, and of course an improvement to your home's appearance and overall value!

Guardian Roof for Conservatory

Gary Hall Building Limited recently changed a clients' conservatory roof from its original glass to a new Guardian Roof. Not only are Guardian Roofs attractive with many environmental features, but they also save you money.


For more information and more photgraphs read about Guardian Roofing here.


If you would like to discuss changing your existing conservatory roof to a Guardian Roof or to get a free, no obligation quote,

please call us on 01207 591867

CHAS Accreditation Awarded

Gary Hall Building Limited has just been awarded CHAS accreditation.  CHAS is the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and more about it can be discovered at their website


As an established North East business, we keep up with all trade standards and recognise how important it is to both staff and customers that our business practises meet current regulations. So we are delighted to be able to display this latest badge of accomplishment of the high health and safety standards required of a leading contractor in the building industry.

Recent Extension Completed

We have recently completed an extension to an existing property and thought you might like to see some photos. Gary Hall Building do all the extension work ourselves, from excavating the foundations and building the shell, to all the plastering, glazing, plumbing and electrical work needed. Our clients can be assured that workmen will turn up on time and the job will be carried out as per your requirements and, more importantly, completed on time and to a high standard. An extension such as this can take up to two months to complete from digging out the founds to being able to furnish. 

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