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Smart Glass for Conservatory Roof

There is a growing demand for high specification conservatory roof systems. Glass roofs are far more pleasing aesthetically than polycarbonate ones, easier to keep clean, and much better at sound insulation, particularly during bad weather.


Glass roofs also notably reduce the sun's heating effect and glare in the summer, whilst at the same time improving thermal efficiency and retaining warmth in the winter.


Smart Glass delivers an open and airy feeling whilst maintaining a more comfortable and consistent temperature all year round. Cutting edge technology also offers self cleaning glass, blue tinted or colour neutral.


In Summer

Smart Glass can reduce solar heating effects by 63% inside your conservatory and thanks to its specialist coatings, reduces solar glare by 50% - so you won't need to wear your sunglasses!


In Winter

Energy saving is a hot topic and we use a specialist glass to dramatically reduce heat loss - 40% better than Pilkington K, the nation's best selling energy saving glass. Smart Glass enables you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Sound insulation is really important in bad weather where even the lightest rainfall will create substantial noise levels on hollow plastic roofing systems. Smart Glass is made from two 4mm toughened glass leaves and filled with argon gas, to offer twice the soundproofing of more standard products.


Warm edge technology solves the problem of condensation at the edges of your windows, caused by the metallic 'spacer bar' at the edge. Our spacer bar is up to 950 times less conductive than standard aluminium, increasing internal temperature, saving energy and virtually eliminating condensation.


Self cleaning glass offers the ultimate in maintenance free technology and, yes, it really does work!

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